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Look for these Xbox One X logos to know you’re getting enhanced 4K and HDR games

Look for these Xbox One X logos to know you’re getting enhanced 4K and HDR games

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Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox One X game console last night, and the company is using a variety of logos so consumers can tell which games are enhanced for the new system. A new “Xbox One X Enhanced” logo will be visible on retail games and in the Xbox Store, and Microsoft says it lets gamers know “when a developer has done special work to take advantage of Xbox One X’s 6 teraflops of performance, and to distinguish it from existing Xbox One titles.”

That “special work” might not always be very clear, but Microsoft expects dozens of titles to be updated and “enhanced” for the Xbox One X. Microsoft is using three logos in total for new Xbox One games, including the enhanced logo, a 4K indicator, and a symbol for HDR support. The 4K support will mean a game has a 2160p frame buffer output, that includes Native 4K, Checkerboarding, and Dynamic Resolution. HDR support is just the regular HDR10 standard that already exists on the Xbox One S.

Enhanced for Xbox One X will be the slightly more confusing out of all three logos, as developers can choose from a range of ways to improve their games for the new console. At the minimum it will mean existing titles are updated to take more advantage of the hardware capabilities of the Xbox One X, or that a developer has used the most recent developer tools. Even if games aren’t specifically enhanced for the Xbox One X, Microsoft claims they’ll still play better on the new console.