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Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab custom controllers are now available in Europe

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Microsoft is bringing its colorful custom Xbox controllers to Europe today. The expansion means Xbox One owners in the UK, France, and Germany can now order custom controllers from the Xbox Design Lab. Custom designs are available in the UK starting at £69.99 or 79.99 euro in France and Germany, with free shipping. Microsoft says its Xbox Design Lab will arrive in more European countries this summer.

Microsoft first launched its Xbox Design Lab in the US last year. The custom Xbox controllers include Bluetooth for better range, and a textured and grippy back panel. You can customize most of the controller parts with different colors, including the front and back panels or the shoulder triggers and D-pad. Microsoft says there are around eight million possible color combinations, and you’ll also be able to laser engrave some text on the front for further customization or to mark your Gamertag on your controller.

Microsoft is also adding Black rubberized grips to all Xbox Design Lab controllers today, alongside four new color options and 11 new thumbstick colors. There’s even new metallic finishes or D-pads and triggers, and until June 19th Microsoft is offering a free engraving.