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Destiny 2’s latest trailer gives us our first glimpse of Ghaul, the game’s big bad villain

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Bungie held a big lavish reveal event for its upcoming Destiny sequel last month, but the developer teamed up with Sony here at E3 to bring yet another trailer during the PlayStation maker’s press conference. The never-before-seen footage didn’t focus on gameplay, but it did give us our first look at Dominus Ghaul, the leader of the Red Legion and the Destiny 2’s initial primary antagonist.

All the gameplay and cinematic footage Bungie released back at the reveal event referred to Ghaul as an all-powerful Cabal leader, but did not show his face or any full-body shots of the hostile alien. It’s his Red Legion that takes the near-omnipotent planet-sized Traveler hostage, robbing all Guardians of their powers and forcing you to start anew. (This is also the game’s canonized explanation for not being able to transfer all your loot and gear from the original Destiny.)

Photo: Bungie

The trailer also revealed that Sony’s continued exclusivity deal with Bungie with last for the first year of Destiny 2, meaning exclusive strikes, weapons, and armor pieces won’t be available to Xbox players for the same post-launch duration that existed for the first game. There’s no word yet on what the Sony exclusivity deal means for PC, now that Bungie is bringing its sequel beyond consoles for the first time. Bungie also announced today that it’s bumped the release date by two days: Destiny 2 now launches on September 6th.