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The incredible virtual reality version of Superhot is coming to PS VR this summer

Superhot VR is coming to PlayStation’s virtual reality headset this summer, Sony announced on its E3 pre-show live stream today. The game, which first came out on PC, Mac, and Linux last year, became a truly amazing VR experience when it was ported to the Oculus Rift for how it makes use of motion and the idea of time. It appears the Rift exclusivity window Superhot’s developers agreed to has ended, giving Sony the chance to bring it over to PS VR at last.

The non-VR original introduced a unique shooter element never before seen: a game where time moves only when you do. When the game came to the Rift back in December, this game design feature was heightened by replacing your physical body as the primary input control. Suddenly, even the most subtle of movements would send bullets and polygonal enemies racing toward you at frightening speeds.

Only by slowing down, planning your route of attack, and carrying out smooth and flawless movements could you overcome your foes. Plus, it made you feel like a true action movie badass in ways few shooter games have ever accomplished, all with low-key graphics and plain environments. Sony didn’t announce an official release date, but we can expect it some time in the next couple of months.