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Super Mario Odyssey gets a wild new trailer and October release date

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Get ready for New Donk City

Mario’s next adventure looks incredibly wild and inventive — even by Nintendo standards. Today the company showed off the latest trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, which follows in the sandbox footsteps of the genre-defining Super Mario 64, revealing an experience that looks to be absolutely crammed with ideas and potential.

One of the core components of the game is Mario’s hat, which has been turned into a sentient character named Cappy, who can be tossed onto characters, enemies, objects, and vehicles, transforming Mario in the process. The trailer shows everything from a Mario T. rex to a Mario tank to a Mario Bullet Bill. The levels themselves, meanwhile — which range from urban cityscapes to typical desert and ice worlds — look to be very dense with things to discover and interact with. At one point in the trailer, the game even shifts to an old-school, side-scrolling Mario experience.

Super Mario Odyssey will be the biggest Switch game since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch, and it’s coming later this year. Nintendo revealed today that Odyssey will be available on October 27th.