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Nintendo at E3 2017: the 5 biggest announcements

Nintendo at E3 2017: the 5 biggest announcements


Metroid Prime 4, Pokémon on the Switch, and more

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Nintendo was the last of the three major companies to present at E3 this year (which it did through its now traditional online Spotlight stream as opposed to a full blown press conference), and as expected, the focus was all about the Switch.

Want to catch up? Here’s what the biggest news was out of Nintendo’s stream.

Super Mario Odyssey releases October 27th

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s next big blockbuster Switch game, and its out on October 27th. Along with the release date, Nintendo showed a new trailer for the game, showing off some of the new gameplay mechanics and levels. In Odyssey, Mario will be accompanied by Cappy, who players will be able to use to take control of enemy characters (including a giant T-Rex!) in a new Capture mechanic.

Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch

Metroid fans, rejoice! After almost ten years of waiting (filled only with the poorly received Metroid: Other M and bizarre spin-off Federation Force) Nintendo has finally announced a fourth Metroid Prime game, coming to the Switch. There’s barely any other information — no release date, screenshots, or gameplay trailer — but presumably they’ll be more on the latest adventures of Samus Aran in the coming months

Game Freak is making a proper Nintendo Switch Pokémon game

If you were disappointed when Nintendo didn’t announce a Pokémon game in the core RPG series of the franchise for the Switch at its Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct last week, good news: Game Freak is working on one. Unfortunately, that’s all we really have on it for now, but at least we know it exists.

New Yoshi and Kirby games are coming in 2018

In slightly more concrete news, Nintendo showed off some trailers for new Yoshi and Kirby games coming to the Switch in 2018. The Kirby title showed off some new gameplay where Kirby can befriend enemies, instead of simply eating them for their abilities. Meanwhile, the Yoshi game seems to be a follow up to Yoshi's Woolly World, this time setting the action in a world built out of cardboard, with an interesting mechanic where players can flip over the 2D levels to the other side. Both games offer cooperative gameplay, which should gel nicely with the Switch’s Joy-Con controller.

Rocket League is getting a Switch version

Rocket League is making its way to the Nintendo Switch this holiday season, with some Nintendo-themed items and cars exclusive to the Switch edition. Interestingly, the Rocket League will offer cross network play against other platforms, although developer Psyonix has yet to detail exactly how that will work.