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This tool lets you see what the solar eclipse will look like from your location

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It’ll give you the best time to view

There’s been a lot of hype around the solar eclipse on August 21st. Thousands are traveling to the locations, like Tennessee or Wyoming, to see the Sun go completely dark for the first time since 1918. For those of us staying put, there’s the Eclipse Megamovie Simulator, which will let you see how the eclipse will appear in your area.

Enter your zip code and see an animation of what you can expect, as well as the best time to take a loop. It’s part of the larger Eclipse Megamovie Project, which will collect thousands of photos of the natural phenomenon from volunteers.

If the simulator isn’t enough, there is also the Solar Eclipse Timer, an app that talks you through the location of the eclipse as it happens so you know exactly where the Sun is during the event. With the simulator and the app, you have a pretty good shot of making the most of wherever you are when the eclipse happens. This is much better than paying for a cheesy cruise that lets you view an eclipse you can see from land.