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Alto’s Odyssey shows off some new desert moves in E3 gameplay reveal

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Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to the runaway mobile hit Alto’s Adventure, is set for release this summer, and amid all the hype and noise of E3, developer Snowman quietly showed off our first good look at gameplay for the upcoming endless snowboarding game.

As teased in the initial trailer, Alto’s Odyssey moves the action from the snow-capped peaks of the first one to “a variety of desert locales.” Rails are attached to moving balloons instead of stationary buildings, which characters will be able to bounce off of to reach greater heights. Dust devils dance at the edge of jumps, ready to propel players upward. And in addition to the jumping, flipping, and rail-grinding mechanics from the first game, Odyssey is adding the ability to wall ride, allowing characters to scale up the side of cliffs with a single tap.

It’s still too early to judge, but so far Alto’s Odyssey looks like a great sequel to the original game, keeping the fluid gameplay and stunning scenery that made the first Alto title so good, while expanding mechanics in some interesting ways.

Alto’s Odyssey is set to release sometime this summer.