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This Game of Thrones compilation claims there were 150,966 deaths throughout the show

This Game of Thrones compilation claims there were 150,966 deaths throughout the show

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During Game of Thrones’ second season, Arya Stark famously tells Tywin Lannister, “Anyone can be killed.” No line better encapsulates the show. Over the course of six seasons, fans have seen kings and peasants killed so often that it’s a wonder that we’re not desensitized to it all. YouTube channel Leon Andrew Razon Compilations stitched together the show’s on-screen deaths and attempted to count them all, and even though it’s only an estimate, it’s a staggering number.

There is an unsettling number of bird deaths on this show

Including rough estimations of who died during large-scale battles and city sieges, the final tally comes out to 150,966 deaths. That’s a ludicrous number for a TV show, even though the editor is inflating the numbers a little by counting the unsettling number of bird, horse, sheep, and dire wolf deaths, too.

Watching all this bloodletting can be thrilling and / or depressing, depending whether, like me, you’re still sad about the deaths of a few favorite characters. (Margaery!) Just don’t take this as a complete death toll for the entire series, because there’s no way it’s even close. Elio Garcia, a research assistant for author George R.R. Martin, once estimated that Westeros’ entire population is approximately 40 million. The War of the Five Kings (the war where everyone wants to rule the kingdoms for occasionally justifiable reasons) pulled armies from across the continent into a multi-theater conflict, killing thousands over the course of several years. Imagine all the murders and beheadings we don’t see on the show. Like that time Gregor Clegane went reaving through the countryside before the war even started:

It isn’t crazy to think millions died over the years. The show just has to leave some things offscreen.

Season 7 starts in a month, and the so-called Great War is about to begin. It won’t just be kings and queens. It’ll be dragons and ice zombies. The death toll is only going to get higher. Just don’t try to keep count.