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Microsoft's new Skype logo ditches the iconic clouds

Microsoft's new Skype logo ditches the iconic clouds

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Microsoft unveiled a radical redesign for Skype earlier this month, with a new look that has Snapchat-like features. While the company has overhauled its Skype apps, there’s also a new Skype logo that ditches the fluffy cloud aspects of the past. Brand New has a closer look at the new logo, and a comparison to the old one that everyone knows.

Skype has been using part of this logo for a while, but it appears the broader word mark is now moving to Microsoft’s corporate typeface. It’s much more consistent with Microsoft’s other software and services like Office, and likely reflects the company’s move to position Skype as business communications software.

Microsoft's latest Skype update includes a new Highlights feature that lets users share daily stories to a news feed. It also includes emoji responses for video calls, and a much bigger focus on text-based conversations. The new Skype design is available on Android immediately, and Microsoft is planning to refresh its Windows and iOS apps soon.