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DirecTV Now’s latest attempt to draw new subscribers is a free Roku Premiere

DirecTV Now’s latest attempt to draw new subscribers is a free Roku Premiere


Oh look, more free stuff from DirecTV Now

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James Bareham / The Verge

If DirectTV Now hasn’t been able to tempt you yet with a free Apple TV set-top box, a free year of HBO, or its limited time launch offer, AT&T still isn’t done trying. In its latest promotion, AT&T is offering up to two Roku Premiere boxes for any new DirecTV Now, AT&T Unlimited Choice, or Unlimited Plus customer that prepays for two months of service.

DirecTV Now added support for the Roku platform in May. The $70 Roku Premiere is in the middle of the pack of current Roku streaming boxes; it’s 4K capable, at least. That’s not much of a draw for DirecTV Now since the service tops out at 1080p, but AT&T Entertainment CEO John Stankey has said 4K will “definitely” be available” in DirecTV Now’s future. You can, of course, stream 4K from Amazon, Netflix, and other apps on your free Roku box.

Unlike its competitors, DirecTV Now still doesn’t offer a DVR option so programs can’t be recorded. Echoing earlier sentiments, AT&T has said that DVR is on the way — but hasn’t given a firm timetable.

Since debuting in November 2016, DirecTV Now has experienced its fair share of issues, from streaming hiccups to users randomly being locked out of their accounts. This was partly due to the internet TV streaming service being hit with 200,000 subscribers in its first month, an avalanche AT&T’s president of technology and operations Bill Hogg admits the company wasn’t ready for. By now, hopefully most of those frustrations have been reduced or eliminated.

If the promise of DirecTV Now’s alternative to more traditional cable TV options is still of interest, it’s currently offering a subscription for as little as $10 a month with any qualifying AT&T Unlimited wireless plan. In the process, you could snag a couple Roku Premiere boxes.