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Super Mario Odyssey has co-op, will let you play as Mario’s hat

Super Mario Odyssey has co-op, will let you play as Mario’s hat


They should call it ‘cap-operative’ mode

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Nintendo (via Polygon)

Super Mario Odyssey looks like the next big game for the Nintendo Switch, and while the big reveals and gameplay demos happened earlier this week at E3, Nintendo had one last surprise: Odyssey will feature local co-op, with the second player taking control of Cappy, Mario’s magical sentient hat (as spotted by our friends at Polygon.)

You can check out the co-op mode in this clip from Nintendo’s Treehouse Live presentation, starting at around the 4:27 mark.

The two-player mode takes advantage of the Switch’s Joy-Con controller, with one player controlling Mario as usual with the one of the Joy-Con halves, while the other takes control of Cappy, who will float over Mario’s head and can fly around freely, instead of being able to be thrown by Mario. Both Cappy and Mario have camera control. Cappy will also be able to collect items, which could be useful for far away coins and collectables, and is also impervious to damage, making it easy for less experienced players to play.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.