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Bill Nye Saves the World will be back for a second season

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Science rules

Steve Aoki and Bill Nye experiment with pH levels

Netflix has renewed Bill Nye’s talk show, Bill Nye Saves the World, for a second season. The series, which blended comedy and science, premiered back in April with 13 episodes. A premiere date for the new season will be announced later this year.

Bill Nye Save the World initially received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics said the science portrayed was too childish and trivial, and attacked the show for wasting a great platform to talk about real science that matters. Others appreciated the ‘90s nostalgia that Nye brings back and saw the show as a lighthearted approach to the field. Still, the show proved popular enough. Nye announced the show’s season 2 renewal on his Facebook page today, saying: “Guess who’s back? Back again? ;)”

The first season included episodes like “The Sexual Spectrum,” where Nye explored the science of sexuality while inviting a panel of guests to discuss it, and “Tune Your Quack-O-Meter,” which debunked alternative medicine such as curing cancer by yelling at it and using magnets to heal diseases. Nye also invited guest stars like electro house musician Steve Aoki and physicist Derek Muller to talk on the show and participate in basic science experiments.

Watch the teaser below:

Guess who's back? Back again?

Posted by Bill Nye The Science Guy on Thursday, June 15, 2017