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There’s already a Twitter Debubbler Chrome extension for people who hate circles and change

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Because change is scary, y’all

Twitter Debubbler Image via Product Hunt

Whenever a product is updated, there inevitably are people who grumble about change and wish things had stayed the same. Yesterday, Twitter rolled out a hefty redesign that includes a new side tab, generous amounts of white space, and most importantly to the internet writ large, rounded corners everywhere.

Many weren’t ready for the new design — change is scary. Profile photos, once square, are now circles? The compose tweet box now has generous curves? This happened without warning? Ludicrous! What about the people who just want things to stay the same forever, and then complain about those things staying the same?

For those who feel lost without the safe hug of right angles, German designer Kai Brueckers is on your side. Featured on Product Hunt, Brueckers’ Twitter Debubbler is a Chrome extension that will rid your Twitter of blobbiness and have it emulate the platform’s old design. Add to Chrome with a click, and it automatically applies the old look whenever you’re viewing Twitter. It really was only a matter of time before this appeared.

Feel free to install it if Twitter’s rounded edges have you rocking in anxiety, but we welcome this step toward our eventual blob overlords. Say it with us now: I’m one with the blob, the blob is me ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ.