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Someone is trolling a US senator with Nickelback newsletters

Someone is trolling a US senator with Nickelback newsletters

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Nickel-rolling — or the practice of trolling someone with songs, images, or lyrics from Nickelback — is a time-honored tradition at The Verge. It’s why I have the band’s not-really-seminal album Here and Now on my desk. (No one knows for sure where it came from, only that the troll is strong.) So finding out that a US senator is being nickel-rolled is like seeing a child grow up and hit it big.

Right now, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) is being bombarded with Nickelback promo materials and newsletters, apparently because someone signed him and his family members up for them. He’s not pleased about it:

Sasse is the author of the new book The Vanishing American Adult, in which he argues Americans are in need of discipline and a renewed sense of meaning beyond material things. Maybe you think he’s onto something. But I derive great personal meaning and joy from a government official and lawmaker learning more about Nickelback’s next tour date.

We’ve reached out to Sen. Sasse and Nickelback’s representation for comment. I really hope they comment.

Update 6:45pm ET: Sen. Sasse provided The Verge with the following statement:

“I'm not sure what Canada does but, in this country, cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed. This crossed a line.”