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Forget Super Mario Odyssey, this competitive sushi eating game is the Nintendo title I need

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I did not attend this year’s E3, so my knowledge of what happened in gaming this week is based off my colleagues’ adventures in New Donk City, live reports from the exhibition halls of Los Angeles Convention Center, and their struggle to understand why some games bother to exist. And while some games looked intriguing, it appears my peers failed to inform me of a new title that I wholly identify with; a game that involves eating as many sushi as possible and flinging empty plates at your opponent.

Are you still here for this? Great. This is Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. Nintendo describes its genre as “Conveyor Belt Sushi Puzzle Action.” I respect the specificity.

You play as an adorable character who prompts rivals into “sushi wars.” Your goal is to eat and collect plates of the same type of sushi to create a giant stack, then hurl them at the opponent to knock their health down to zero. It’s developed by indiezero, the same studio that also brought us the Nintendo DS game Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? so obviously I trust them to continue making very relevant food-themed games.

As with most Nintendo games, there are no concrete release dates other than that it’s apparently coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2018. I guess I’ll just have to stuff myself with sushi in real life and play the Pokémon Stadium rendition in preparation for the digital sushi wars.