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Watch Adam West in an unreleased episode of Powerless

Watch Adam West in an unreleased episode of Powerless


‘I admit, it’s a bit of a gratuitous cameo’

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Batman star Adam West passed away at the age of 88 last weekend, resulting in a flood of tributes from his co-stars, other Batman actors, and the city of Los Angles. Yesterday, NBC released an unaired episode of its recently canceled DC-universe show Powerless, which features the late actor in one of his final roles.

“Win, Luthor, Draw” would have been the penultimate episode of the season had it not been canceled. In it, West plays Wayne Enterprise chairman Dean West, who admits that his short appearance is “a bit of a gratuitous cameo.” Gratuitous or not, it’s fun to see West call back to his former role as the caped crusader by breaking the fourth wall and with some Batman puns.

Powerless wasn’t one of the more inspired shows to come out of the DC universe, but it did have potential. NBC canceled the show last month when it didn’t catch on with audiences, leaving a number of unaired episodes that would likely be released for streaming or an eventual home release. NBC says that the episode will only be available for a short time, so watch while you can.