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Facebook and Google have some special features to help you celebrate Father’s Day

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If you forgot to buy a tie

Image: Facebook

Facebook and Google want to help you celebrate Father’s Day this year, just in case you forgot to pick up a tie for your dad.

Unlike Mother’s Day, Facebook hasn’t opted to roll out a special reaction, but it is providing users with some extras: users can send a personalized card, while Facebook Camera and Messenger each have some new frames that you can superimpose over your images.

Similarly, Instagram has released some extra stickers and frames that you can add on to your Instagram story.

Image: Instagram

Google is also releasing some special add-ons. If you have a Google Home, you can ask it the assistant for a dad joke. If you ask for “stories about fatherhood,” it’ll play you stories from NPR’s StoryCorps about fathers.

Like Mother’s Day, Google Photos is also rolling out a feature to let you make a short film using your pictures. It’ll prompt you to pick the images that you want to appear in the video, and it’ll put it together for you. Hopefully, the feature will be on time with its iOS app.