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From the horse's mouth, Surface Pro no longer a tablet


Microsoft’s corporate vice president of devices and head of the Surface team, Panos Panay, says the company now thinks of the Pro as a laptop, not as a tablet or some other device. "This really is the laptop. This is how people want to use it; it's how they are using it," he recently said on The Vergecast podcast. And the new tagline for the Surface Pro is "the most versatile laptop." So the Surface Pro is a laptop now, I guess. What exactly does that mean?

After years of marketing the Surface Pro as the "tablet that can replace your laptop". And having every blogger following that marketing message putting the Surface in the same tablet category as other mobile tablets like the iPad. Mr. Panay in a single interview wiped all of that marketing away. Confirming what we already knew for years that the Surface PCs are not viewed as tablets by its users but rather laptop/notebook PCs.

My question now is, will bloggers and forecasters like IDC and Gartner continue to put the Surface Pro in the same tablet category with the iPad and iPad Pro, when the head of the product is no longer calling nor viewing the device as a tablet?

Confusing marketing from Microsoft as always. Now it's a laptop that doesn't come with a keyboard.