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Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on September 24th

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on September 24th


The first season will also be split into two parts

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Image: CBS

CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery finally has release date. Deadline reports that the first two episodes of the long-delayed series will premiere on September 24th. With the announcement comes word that the network is splitting the season into two parts. The first eight episodes will run through November, while the remaining seven episodes will begin streaming in January 2018.

Discovery has had a troubled production so far: it was originally scheduled to begin airing in January 2017, but production delays pushed the show back to May. Showrunner Bryan Fuller then stepped down due to his work on American Gods, and the show was delayed a third time, with CBS noting that because the show would debut online, it wasn’t “beholden to seasonal premieres or launch windows.” At the same time, the episode order was expanded to 15 episodes.

While the first two episodes will air on CBS in September, the remaining will begin streaming on Sunday through All Access, with the first batch ending on November 8th. Fans will have to wait over the holidays for the second half of the show in the new year.

The split season will reportedly allow the show’s creators more time for post-production on the later episodes. While a new release date is a small step in the right direction, the continual delays and the split season signal that the show isn’t exactly at the top of CBS’s priorities. Hopefully, this will be the last bump in the road for the show.