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Verizon adds more data to prepaid plans, but limits video to 480p

At least you can tether

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Back in April, Verizon launched its prepaid unlimited plan, giving customers the option to talk, text, and use as much data as they want (with a few caveats) for $80 a month. Now it’s tackling the prepaid plans below that threshold, adding data and cutting prices for users.

Verizon’s new prepaid plans will get you 3GB for $40; 7GB for $50; or 10GB for $60. This is an improvement on the current plans which offer 2GB for $40; 5GB for $50; and 10GB for $70.

As with any price cut from Verizon, there are going to be losses for the consumer, and this time it comes in video stream quality. All of Verizon’s new prepaid plans will be limited to video streams of 480p, which isn’t great. The plans do allow for tethering, though, which the prepaid unlimited plan doesn’t offer.

Verizon says the new prepaid plans will be available on June 6th.