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Someone stuck a Vive controller to a drone and made some very expensive doodles

Tilt Brush is sort of like fancy MS Paint for virtual reality. It fosters creativity, allowing you to paint, smear, and dab beautiful (or in my case, sort of okay) works in a 3D space. Traditionally, artists use their hands to craft their VR art. But drones aren’t a bad option either.

On Twitter, Jaymis Loveday posted a video of himself navigating a drone to paint in the HTC Vive’s version of Tilt Brush. The video creates a mixed reality effect, wherein the physical drone appears to be painting beautiful swatches of color around midair.

Loveday has played with drone paintings before with some pretty impressive results. This video, posted to Vimeo, has a higher quality demonstration than his tweet (though it would appear his painting skills have improved quite a bit).

The Tilt Brush community has created some truly terrific art you can find online, from re-creations of Iron Man and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to original work.