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Status Audio’s CB-1 headphones are just $63 this week on Amazon

Status Audio’s CB-1 headphones are just $63 this week on Amazon


Take 21 percent off with an exclusive offer code for Verge readers

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status audio cb1 headphones
Vlad Savov

In the market for an inexpensive pair of headphones with studio-quality sound? One of our recent favorites is the Status Audio CB-1, and this week, the company is offering Verge readers 21 percent off.

As mentioned in our review, CB-1 headphones are cheaper and better than the Audio-Technica M50, and they just might be the best headphones under $100 that we’ve seen. They usually retail for $79, but for the next 72 hours you can get a pair on Amazon for $62.41 (ie. 79 percent of $79) with code VERGE20P. It’s probably worth mentioning that, in addition to our own review, the CB-1s are currently some of the highest-rated headphones on Amazon, with a full 5-star rating from over 280 reviews.

You have until 9:30AM ET on June 23rd to take advantage of this deal.


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