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Kickstarter Gold brings back popular old projects with new spins

Kickstarter Gold brings back popular old projects with new spins

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Kickstarter is bringing back some of its most popular projects in a new initiative called Kickstarter Gold. This will bring back a curated batch of older projects to the crowdfunding service to offer new, updated, or remixed takes on the original versions.

All the projects in Gold are handpicked by Kickstarter

According to Willa Köerner, Kickstarter’s director of curation and content, Gold represents part of the company’s recent efforts to “create the Kickstarter we want to see,” by going out and bringing back some of the creators that have used the crowdfunding site to its best advantage. Kickstarter is launching roughly 50 Gold projects today, with a total of 65 planned for funding between now and the end of July. All the projects in Gold had to be handpicked by Kickstarter — creators who have run projects in the past can’t simply slap a Gold label on a new version of their product.

Projects in Gold range from updated versions of old Kickstarters, like People People’s Transparent Speaker, which is returning with support for Flic remotes. (This comes with another attempt to sell the Small Transparent Speaker, which failed to reach funding the first time around.) Others offer limited edition variants on existing projects, like the 3Doodler 3D printing pen, whose Gold project is a new Star Trek-themed edition of the original, with new colors and a project kit to help assemble items from the series. Kickstarter is showcasing all the various Gold projects in their own section of the site, which you can check out here.

While Kickstarter Gold may be offering new versions of existing Kickstarters, Köerner says that the company is hoping that “Kickstarter Gold inspires new creators as a place where they can sustain their creative process,” serving as a sort of model for how projects can use the crowdfunding service in the future.

Correction: Kickstarter is launching a total of around 65 projects, not an additional 65 projects.