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Project Fi now automatically calculates and bills each member of a group plan

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No math required

Project fi group repay Image via Google

Google’s wireless service Project Fi is best known for keeping things simple for subscribers with flat usage rates, and today, it unveiled a new tool to streamline group plan payments. Called Group Repay, each group plan member’s portion of the bill is now automatically calculated, and then provided with several payment options directly through Project Fi.

Project Fi does the math, then any group plan owner or member can set up monthly repayments and reminders. Depending on what group plan members agree upon, the monthly repay amount can be an individual’s total usage, a fixed amount, or only for data usage above an allotted 1GB budget. That’s helpful for roommates, family members, and more.

Project Fi is integrated with Google Wallet for sending and receiving the payments, and owners can automatically cash out repayments to either a debit card or checking account. The group repay history can then be viewed in a summary, which also shows payment statuses for the current month.

If you’re on a Project Fi group plan, Group Repay can be activated under the billing section of your account.