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Now you can build shared Spotify playlists with your friends in Facebook Messenger

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Spotify has launched a new feature for Facebook Messenger that lets you create playlists of songs with your friends. Group Playlists for Messenger uses the existing Spotify Chat extension for Facebook’s app, allowing users to create group playlists, share them with friends, and then let those friends add new songs as they wish.

The two companies first made it easier for users to share Spotify tracks through Messenger early last year, but this new feature builds on that functionality, letting you collaborate on shared playlists rather than sharing ones already built by individuals. Your friends won’t even need to be Spotify subscribers in order to add new tracks to your shared list — they’ll be able to pick out songs through Messenger itself. Spotify says it’s perfect for road trips and parties, but even more fun may be deleting all the achingly cool tracks off your friend’s carefully cultivated mixtape while they’re asleep and replacing them with hundreds of versions of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.”