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Watch the return of the internet’s weirdest genre: flopping rubber bodies

Rubber human bodies flop just fine underwater

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Rubber humans are my favorite kind of non-living entity. They possess all the physical joy of the human form and none of the existential baggage! And when lumped together, they become something bordering on transcendent: a squishy, satisfying mess of naked, flapping body parts that makes QWOP look tame. It’s no surprise that “rubber human bodies” has become something of its own web video genre.

Filmmaker David Lewandowski is, arguably, the grandfather of the form. Five years ago, he released Going to the Store, a short about a naked rubber man doing his grocery shopping. The sequel, Late for Meeting, released three years ago, flailed its way straight into my heart. Now Lewandowski has another, more ambitious short film to share: Time for Sushi.

At last, the ocean beckons the gelatin flesh.

Speaking from personal experience, prolonged exposure to water may cause a Ken doll’s features to fade or his skin to peel. But Lewandowski’s digitally crafted bodies have nothing to fear. They are free and beautiful, like the final artifacts of humanity, forever drifting long after the waters rise above us all.