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Feather is a new rental company for millennials who like fancy furniture

Feather is a new rental company for millennials who like fancy furniture


Furniture rental, but then make it fashion

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Feature furniture rental
Image: Feather

New York-based Feather is putting a modern (and mid-century modern) twist on furniture rental, aimed squarely at millennials who are in transitional periods of life.

The Y Combinator startup acts in the vein of other furniture rental companies, like CORT, but, you know, makes it fashion. Feather posits itself as an option for people in liminal situations, like those “looking ahead to a semester of school” or “testing out a city [but] not ready to commit to staying,” and appeals to fans of brands like West Elm with sleek, modern options.

Feather furniture rental
Image: Feather

The overall aesthetic of its options appears to be the biggest differentiator (think: trendy copper accents, Eames-inspired chairs, and Eiffel bases everywhere) with pricing on par with CORT and other furniture rental companies. Unlike CORT, Feather does not offer this nightmare millipede-looking chaise that belongs in Delia Deetz’s home.

The furniture is divided into three “price classes”: standard, hip, and premium. It’s unclear if these are indicators of the furniture’s quality or the item’s rental fee. (For example, we saw two stools in separate price classes that cost the same to rent.)

Feather’s shortest lease period is three months, and there is a $99 delivery fee, a minimum pickup fee of $99, and a required $99 refundable deposit. So, for a nominal cost, Feather can give you a temporary CB2-like home paradise, provided you live in one of its two operational cities: New York and San Francisco.