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All hail the return of bearcam

All hail the return of bearcam


Bear with me

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Bearcam. This annual tradition graces patrons of the internet with its presence every summer as large, lumbering brown bears make their way down to their local river to catch some salmon.

Katmai National Park in Alaska is home to the 24-hour live stream, which in past years has seen bears battling for the best fishing positions, swiping salmon, mating, and committing cannibalism. Dang. According to the site, the best viewer hours run from 5AM to midnight local time. also offers text alerts for those who want to know when the best bear moments are going down, as well as highlights on its Facebook page.

The internet is home to a wide variety of animal cams, from cute kittens or puppies to more exotic picks like jellyfish or vampire bats, but bearcam offers the ultimate in nature voyeurism: the chance to watch a predator murder things in real time that are not you. Should you pretend to be dead in hopes of a gentle mauling, or scream at the bear to scare it off? With bearcam, you’ll never have to find out.