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Apple Music’s latest personalized playlist is perfect for chill Sundays

My Chill Mix


Apple Music already has a pair of personalized playlists in My New Music Mix and My Favorites Mix, and now it’s launching a third to help you chill out in these trying times. Its latest personalized playlist, aptly titled My Chill Mix, will give you 25 tracks of chill vibes based on your listening habits, which is updated every Sunday.

My list had some hits (Beyoncé, Solange, Jhene Aiko) and definitely a few misses (Immature, B2K), but overall it was a good playlist for the first try. We’ll see how Apple Music refines the list week by week — the true test of any personalized playlist.

My Chill Mix is currently only available for a small group of users, but will be rolling out throughout the summer, according to TechCrunch. If you have access to it, the playlist can be found at the top of the For You section in the Music app or on iTunes.