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Anchor's audio show app can now publish podcasts to Apple and Google

Anchor's audio show app can now publish podcasts to Apple and Google

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Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Anchor has been getting some buzz as a really simple way to create and listen to podcast-like radio shows. But those shows have always been stuck inside of Anchor — until today.

The app can now publish those recordings to podcast platforms, sending them to Apple’s and Google’s collections of shows for even more people to find. It’s limited to just those two services for now, but they’re among the biggest locations for podcast discovery out there. In the future, Anchor plans to let podcast creators access their show’s RSS feed, too, which will let them get distributed pretty much everywhere else.

Anchor podcast publishing
Image: Anchor

Even though it’s limited to just two locations at launch, the publishing feature goes a long way toward fulfilling Anchor’s goal of letting anyone create a show. While podcasting has always been open to anyone, Anchor is trying to remove the last few hoops that people had to jump through, like setting up, hosting, and distributing an RSS feed so that a podcast can be subscribed to. “Unfamiliar with RSS?” Anchor writes in a blog post this morning. “Cool, let’s keep it that way.”

Shows will still disappear for listeners after 24 hours on Anchor — a gimmick that makes the app’s recordings a bit like Snapchat stories — but the podcasts that get published to Apple and Google will stay live, so that other people can continue to find and listen to them. They’ll also be archived inside the Anchor app for the creator.