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Amazon will give you $10 for Prime Day if you haven't already watched its videos

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With a few caveats

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To celebrate Prime Day, Amazon’s annual mega sale, Amazon is offering a $10 credit for Prime users to spend during the event. To earn the credit, Prime members have to stream a Prime video before Prime Day from devices like the Fire TV, Fire TV sticks, or streaming media players like Rokus, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, TiVos, and gaming consoles. It also has to be the first time they’ve ever watched an Amazon Prime video from the account.

The promotion sounds great in theory, but it comes with a few caveats: videos that were purchased or rented don’t qualify as Prime and the deal specifically targets those who are new to all the things that Prime offers. Accounts that have already streamed a Prime video prior to June 28th are ineligible. New members have to either pay a $10.99 monthly membership, a $99 annual membership, or begin a 30-day free trial. So basically, if you’re a Prime member who just happens to have not watched a Prime video yet, this is a simple way to earn free money.

This year, Prime Day takes place on July 11th. Last year, Amazon offered more than 100,000 price cuts for Prime subscribers for its Prime Day event.