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Square opens customized prepaid debit cards program to everyone

Square opens customized prepaid debit cards program to everyone

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Square’s been slowly rolling out its physical Square Cash Cards to users for the last few weeks. Today, Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced that, starting now, anyone can get one of the prepaid debit cards through the Square app or website.

The Square Cash Card more closely resembles a prepaid card than a debit card, since it’s only able to draw on funds in your Square Cash account and not your bank. The big difference is it serves as a way to use your Square Cash funds in stores, instead of having to transfer out funds to a regular debit card or hope that your retailer supports Apple Pay to use these types of virtual cards.

For a better how-to of the process of creating a Square Cash Card, I’ll direct you to my colleague Lauren Goode, who’s already written extensively about ordering the custom-engraved cards along with more about Square’s motivation for making it. (In short, it’s to better compete with Venmo.)

While Dorsey has said that anyone can sign up as of today, the feature appears to be rolling out slowly and doesn’t seem to be live yet on either the website or app at the time of posting. If you really want one, be patient and keep refreshing.