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Watch the trailer for Rick and Morty season 3, streaming July 30th

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Wubba lubba dub-dub, folks

Rick and Morty season 3 is nearly here. Adult Swim dropped the first full trailer (above) and confirmed that the show will start streaming again on July 30th. By that time, it will have been two years since the second season of the cult show started airing, and fans have been eagerly, eagerly awaiting new episodes — especially since Adult Swim aired the first episode of the new season on April 1st.

As far as the season 3 trailer shows, we’re in for more of the same goofy, gory, imaginative, monstrous, disturbing, bizarre hijinks. Expect more from the Galactic Federation, what looks like a Mad Max: Fury Road parody, and the introduction of Pickle Rick. The trailer was aired on a live stream by the show’s co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, and according to Polygon, Harmon even teased the possibility that a fourth season was already being worked on. Let’s hope we get it before 2019.