The Lens


Anyone shoot vintage lenses on mirrorless systems?


Hey all.

I've been shooting a Nikon D5300 the past year or so, and for the most part like it. But I've collected a few rather good vintage Nikon lenses (including the legendary 105 f/2.5) and I really enjoy shooting with them. They mount to and work just fine with the D5300, but with no metering, and the only focusing aid I get is a little dot through the viewfinder indicating that I've hit it (which is rather useful). Throw in the small viewfinder, single dial, no metering, and it's clear that it's not really doing the job. Moving up to the D7200 or something similar is tempting, but adds bulk.

Anyway, I've been flirting with getting a mirrorless body. My wife would like something lighter to carry around anyway, so I figured I'd get a native pancake or something for when she uses it, and I'd keep the D5300 for fast/casual shooting (e.g. where automatic focusing is important). The Fuji isn't "too big" (she loved the X100F in store), though smaller is better in that regard. Mostly I think size is relatively unimportant, so long as it's smaller than the Nikon.

I can get a really good deal on a couple older bodies with still good image quality (Fuji XE-1 and Olympus OMD EM10). Obviously, the two cameras are very different. I know that the Fuji comes with a bigger sensor and more weight. I know less about the differences between the EVFs, using them for manual focusing, etc. I've played with their successor models in store, but it's hard to track down the older models to handle. I like that both borrow heavily from their film predecessors in design language (part of what drove me to vintage lenses is a 1980s Nikon body that I love).

Does anyone have any history shooting from either line of cameras using vintage manual focus lenses? What about using focal reducers (which seems like it'd be necessary for the Oly, and less so but still perhaps interesting for the Fuji)?

I've considered the Sony alternatives and played with them in stores, but am less taken to them. Maybe I can be convinced, but between the price differences on the used market and feel in hand, I don't think they're for me.