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Apple adds indoor mapping and notification blocking to iOS 11

Apple adds indoor mapping and notification blocking to iOS 11

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Apple is trying to stop distracted driving. The company announced today at its Worldwide Developers Conference that it’s launching “Do Not Disturb While Driving” as part of iOS 11. It’ll block notifications from showing up when Apple determines you’re driving, either through a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi doppler. Your iPhone screen will be blacked out until you stop driving.

iMessage will automatically respond to anyone who texts to say that you’re driving. Not every message has to be blocked, though. You can set certain people as important, and anything they send will show up on your phone. If you aren’t actually driving, you can exit this mode, too.

Apple also introduced indoor mapping to Apple Maps today. This functionality is initially coming to malls and airports around the world. Around eight cities will be included at launch. These include Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo. For malls, you’ll be available to view a directory and where stores are in relation to each other. Airports will be similar. There will be around 30 airports at launch, including JFK and La Guardia in New York and London Heathrow Airport.