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Microsoft provides a closer look at the Xbox Project Scorpio dev kit

Microsoft provides a closer look at the Xbox Project Scorpio dev kit

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Microsoft is planning to unveil its Project Scorpio Xbox console at E3, and now the company is teasing its dev kit ahead of the E3 press event on Sunday. There’s not a lot of new information about the dev kit from when we first saw it in April, but the video tour provides a closer look at the hardware, and reveals that the dev kits look different to the final Project Scorpio console. Xbox engineer Kevin Gammill also reveals that some game developers are creating miniature games for the OLED display at the front.

The display is the unique part of this Project Scorpio dev kit, but it’s unlikely that Microsoft will bring this across to the retail console. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio dev kit also includes the same ports as the retail Scorpio unit, alongside three USB ports at the front and a network card for debug information. Inside, a slightly faster GPU, 24GB of RAM (double the retail unit) a 1TB SSD drive as well as the retail console’s 1TB HDD, and the ability to toggle between Xbox One, One S, or Scorpio modes. The kit also has vents on the sides so developers can stack the units on top of each other.

Microsoft is expected to unveil its final Project Scorpio naming, price, and design at the company’s E3 press conference on Sunday. Microsoft’s E3 event will start at 2PM PT / 5PM ET on Sunday June 11th.