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The best headlines about Chris Hemsworth playing with Marvel action figures

The best headlines about Chris Hemsworth playing with Marvel action figures


So much news!

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Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Cinematic Universe character Thor was an integral part of the first Avengers movie, but as the shared-world series has continued, he’s been moved out of the main storyline in preparation for his sidebar movie, Thor: Ragnarok. In an Instagram video Hemsworth posted today, he pouted a little about that. While supposedly on a set visit for Avengers: Infinity War, which began shooting back in January 2017, he also took out his frustrations on action figures of the Avengers.

Poor guy. But what else could this short be telling us that ordinary fans might be missing? We live in an era where any piece of franchise-related media is worth picking over for deeper meaning and possible hints at what’s to come. Here, it seems pretty clear that Hemsworth, one of the biggest stars on the planet, doesn’t mind playing with action figures. But what if we went deeper? I asked The Verge staff about the kinds of speculative clickbait stories we could launch after watching this video. Here’s where we landed.

(We don’t actually have any intention of reporting these stories. This is just us pitching ideas after having too much caffeine — and seeing too many terrible headlines from people extrapolating movie theories out of virtually no evidence.)

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