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HomePod sound quality


Okay, so there's been a lot of positives said about the anticipated sound quality of the HomePod without anyone actually really listening and analysing yet.

If you go on price, then it's similar sort of ballpark to a Sonos Play:3, a bit more expensive but you get Siri.

The Sonos has a tweeter, 3 drivers and 2 mid woofers, along with a bass radiator. The HomePod has 7 tweeters running all around and 1 woofer.

Now my understanding is you need a tweeter, a driver and a woofer to deliver good high, mid and low end. Can the HomePod really sound anywhere near as good with just tweeters and no mid range drivers? Even a Sonos Play:1 has a tweeter, drivers and a woofer.

Seems to me on specs alone the HomePod will blow the Echo and Home away, but not touch a Sonos on sound quality. What are everyone else's thoughts?