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OnePlus touts improvements to customer care in anticipation of OnePlus 5

OnePlus touts improvements to customer care in anticipation of OnePlus 5


Unglamorous, but important

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Probably the biggest critique of OnePlus, the small Chinese company that has garnered global hype and acclaim with its Android phones, is that its customer service is not good enough. OnePlus phones are often great, but the experience of owning one and dealing with a fault or needing a repair has not been so hot for everyone. So now, in an unconventional move, OnePlus is building hype for its next phone by showing how much its customer service department has grown and how important it considers aftersales care to be.

The company has clearly expanded the number of staff it has in its customer service department, and it now offers some degree of multilingual support for local markets. More importantly, though, OnePlus now has repair centers in the United States and Europe, which greatly accelerates the turnaround time on handling any issues with devices.

Honestly, customer care is the unglamorous stuff that doesn’t spark much hype or attention before the launch of a new device, but it certainly matters over the full course of owning one. It’s good to see OnePlus addressing what has historically been a weakness. And hey, if you want something to salivate about with regard to the OnePlus 5, the company’s newly announced partnership with camera experts DxO bodes well for improving one of the critical components of any modern smartphone.