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This Pikachu plug will charge your devices, but at what cost?

This Pikachu plug will charge your devices, but at what cost?


I choose y- ... oh no

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DH Gate is selling a Pokémon Pikachu Portable USB phone charger for anyone who wants to combine their love of this mouse-like electric mascot with a full battery. The plug, spotted by RocketNews24, is currently running at a sale price of $25.72. It includes a USB charging cable and a Pikachu adapter that plugs directly into your wall.

In theory, a Pikachu powering up your phone is an adorable partnership. The adapter’s little ears slip off to reveal its charging prongs. The ad includes a sweet illustration of a tiny Pikachu sticking its ears into a socket (which would feel good, I guess?). And it’s a way cuter option than something like an Elekid, even if said pokémon literally has a plug for a head. But, here’s what it actually looks like in use.

Hmm. I mean it... um. Ah.

Other Pikachu chargers have been made, but I’d like to note that they generally plugged into more PG spots, like its leg. It doesn’t help that Pikachu itself looks so angry, as opposed to its usually sunny smile.

This is not an official pokémon item, and there’s no guarantee it won’t burn down your house. The plug also requires a specific type of outlet that you may or may not have. But if you’re looking for a final verdict on whether or not to pick up this item, let the Pikachu featured in these images speak for themselves.