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DirecTV Now will only support Chrome on desktop starting in July

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Safari and Internet Explorer are getting the axe

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now will exclusively work in Google Chrome starting in July, ditching support for Safari and Internet Explorer in favor of Google’s browser, per a report from AppleInsider.

The news was announced in the form of a notification greeting users when they logged into the over-the-top streaming service. It informs users that DirecTV Now will only be supporting Chrome and the various mobile and TV apps for the service going forward, offering a link to download Google Chrome.

While the removal of additional browser options isn’t exactly great, the news isn’t super surprising. DirecTV Now’s support page already recommends Chrome for online streaming, so the move to only supporting Chrome does make some sense.

Per the notice, users will have until the end of June to make the switch, although AT&T has yet to formally announce the change outside of the notification to users, so it’s possible that things could change between now and July.