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You can watch Ferris Bueller on the Domino’s Facebook page this weekend if you want

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Seems fine, but why

ferris bueller Photo: Paramount Pictures

To celebrate the 31st anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (a very important anniversary, needless to say), Domino’s will be streaming the movie for free on its Facebook page on Sunday, June 11th at 7PM ET.

Variety reports that the showing will be part of a series of “Facebook Live Movie Nights” on the pizza chain’s page, and also explains how pizza will play into the event: there will be pizza discount codes available to viewers. According to Domino’s, the “more people who watch, the higher the discount could be.” Okay, so even if you have Ferris on DVD and no interest in pizza you can tune in to help someone else get a better pizza discount, if you’re in a low-effort altruism mood on Sunday evening.

Domino’s is pretty well known for its tech hobby, so it was probably only a matter of time until it made its way to Facebook Live. Whoever is the ideas guy or gal over there really loves churning out innovative new pizza-tech pairings, such as ordering a pizza with an emoji, ordering a pizza with an Amazon Echo, ordering a pizza with your car, ordering a pizza with your Samsung Smart TV, ordering a pizza with an app just by opening it and clicking nothing. (Most of the ideas involve pizza ordering.)

In some countries, Domino’s also has robots. Unfortunately Papa John’s did beat Domino’s to the idea of ordering a pizza with an Apple TV app. And Pizza Hut beat it to the idea of ordering a pizza with a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The pizza tech wars are ongoing, and though Domino’s is still firmly in the lead, it clearly has a target on its back.

Hence: Ferris, a guy with a target on his back, who comes up unscathed over and over.