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Amazon product pages went down today in a rare outage

Amazon product pages went down today in a rare outage

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Amazon’s website seems to be having issues with its product pages: across the online store, pages are failing to load. Users are instead presented with a 503 error, and one of several adorable dogs, in what is an incredibly rare outage for the online retailer.

Given Amazon’s prominence in supplying web servers for huge swaths of the internet that can be disastrous when they fail, outages on its own site are kind of significant, especially given that the site is essentially losing money in missed sales every second it’s down.

According to the website Down Detector, the outages seem to be affecting large swaths of the Northeast and West Coast of America, many of them completely unable to access any product pages or complete orders.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for more information on the outage, and will continue to update this post with more information.

Update June 7th, 4:50PM: Amazon’s site seems to be largely back up and running again.