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This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15,000

This vintage pair of Apple sneakers is being auctioned off for $15,000


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Vintage Apple sneakers
Image by Heritage Auctions

Apple dabbled in making clothing once upon a time. From the mid-‘80s through the early ‘90s, the brand catered to their fandom with the most exquisitely time-frozen clothing and accessories, in campaigns full of oversized sweatshirts, popped collars, and a whiff of American Psycho. One of the most coveted items Apple produced during this time was a pair of branded sneakers, which Heritage Auctions is planning to list on eBay on June 11th with a cool starting price of $15,000.

The white vintage sneakers feature the rainbow Apple logo and are especially rare as they never left the prototype stage and were only given to employees. The apparent mint (or near-mint) quality of this particular pair, then, squarely puts these sneakers in unicorn territory.

There are always brand loyalists who will bite at anything Apple-related, but considering the ‘90s are currently having a major fashion moment — Gap, for example, recently revived its classic ‘90s collection — it seems like an apropos time to test the (very expensive) waters.

Heritage Auctions says the estimated value of the kicks are actually $30,000 but really, they’re worth what someone will pay for them. There’s a good chance the auction will reach that threshold, though, as Apple memorabilia is infamous for being costly. Last year, another private vendor sold a leather jacket Steve Jobs wore for $22,000. No big deal.