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Twitch is streaming James Comey’s Senate testimony

Twitch is streaming James Comey’s Senate testimony


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FBI Director Comey Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee Oversight Hearing
Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Former FBI director James Comey’s testimony in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is streaming live on Twitch News, from 10AM ET to 1PM ET. It’s a good option if you’re not in front of a TV or, like me, an uncomfortably enormous projection in a Brooklyn coffee shop.

Among other things, Comey is expected to testify that President Trump sought an inappropriate relationship between the FBI and the White House, and will be asked about the FBI’s investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Today’s stream is another example of Twitch branching out from game streaming, following streams of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions last summer, and all 886 episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood last month.

Twitch product marketing manager Brian Petrocelli said in a press release, “When we live streamed the Republican and Democratic National Conventions on Twitch last year, followed by a broadcast from the White House, our community had the opportunity to engage in civic-minded content, while conversing with one another in chat. Because they enthusiastically embraced this interactive public service experiment, it inspired us to experiment further with a News channel dedicated to bi-partisan landmark events beginning with the Comey hearings.”

No offense, Brian, but the comments, just a few minutes into the proceedings, are already wild. Though, the stream seems to be running smoothly.