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Spotify’s new ‘Summer Rewind’ playlist is a collection of your favorite summer jams of years past

Summer Rewind

Spotify daily mixes (better) Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Spotify has released a new personalized playlist called “Summer Rewind” that gives users a playlist of their favorite songs from the summers of years past. Spotify users who have been on the service for at least a year will get a collection of their most streamed “songs of the summer” from previous years.

Photo: Spotify

Summer Rewind is the latest in a long line of personal playlists Spotify has rolled out over the past couple years. Those playlists, led by Discover Weekly, have kept Spotify users engaged despite the flurry of exclusives from Apple Music and Tidal, so it’s no surprise that Spotify would keep adding to its most heralded feature. Summer Rewind is available for Spotify users in 20 countries starting today.