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Stranger Things’ soundtrack is getting a retro cassette and vinyl release

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Coming later this summer

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Image: Lakeshore Records

The two-volume soundtrack for Netflix’s Stranger Things makes for some good ambient listening, but until now, it’s only been available as a digital download or on CD. If you really want to get your nostalgia kick on, you’re in luck: Lakeshore Records is releasing both volumes in vinyl and cassette form later this summer.

If you still have your Walkman, a cassette edition of both volumes is coming on July 14th. It’ll only be available at Urban Outfitters, and it’ll be mocked up to look like it’s a vintage VHS tape and box.

Image: Lakeshore Records

If vinyl is more your jam, you’re in luck as well: the company is releasing a new deluxe, collector’s edition record of both volumes, which will also hit stores on July 14th. There’s already been a vinyl release, but this set will come with a bunch of extras: a poster, some character cards, and multi-colored vinyl records.

Image: Lakeshore Records

Stranger Things has appealed to audiences in no small part because it’s a nostalgic throwback to the types of horror and science fiction produced by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King in the 1980s — look no further than some fan-created VHS boxes and even a cassette tape package that imagine how the show would have looked like in your local store a couple of decades ago. Seeing the soundtracks arrive in these mediums is a bit of a gimmick, but it’s a fun gimmick.

Whichever way you listen to it, it should be enough to hold you over until the next season of Stranger Things, which begins streaming on Netflix on October 31st.