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Moonlight star Mahershala Ali is in talks to lead a third season of HBO’s True Detective

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Time to dust off #TrueDetectiveSeason3?

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House of Cards and Moonlight star Mahershala Ali is in talks to star in a third season of HBO’s beleaguered anthology show, True Detective, according to Deadline. If there were any way to get excited for the show to return, this is it.

Don’t get excited just yet: Deadline says that these are pretty early talks, and that they’re far from any sort of done deal. There isn’t even an order for a third season just yet, but HBO executives have indicated that they’re open to another season of the crime show, and the network signed on creator Nick Pizzolatto through 2018 for some undisclosed projects.

The fact that Ali is in discussions to star is a positive step however. It shows that HBO is actively looking at continuing the franchise, and that there are some heavy-hitters in contention to star in it. Ali is no stranger to television, starring in Netflix’s House of Cards and Marvel’s Luke Cage, and he’s coming off his widely acclaimed role in last year’s film Moonlight.

Hopefully, with a couple of years between the second season and a potential third one, HBO and Pizzolatto will get the story right this time around. If Ali is indeed selected to lead the cast, it’ll be a good hint that things are back on track.