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Twitter now lets you mute notifications from people who don’t follow you

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Filtering out spam

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Twitter has announced new advanced filters so you can snooze notifications on accounts that don’t follow you. Recently, Twitter updated so you can mute accounts that have a default profile photo, those without a confirmed email address / phone number, and accounts you don’t follow — but not the other way around.

To set the filters on the web browser version of Twitter, just go to Notifications, click on Settings, and check the boxes of your preferred filters. In iOS and Android, these advanced filters can be found on the Notifications timeline under the gear icon.

There still isn’t a way to mass unfollow all the people who aren’t following you back. Twitter says this is to prevent the potential abuse of mass unfollowing people and then following other accounts continuously, until an account amasses a large amount of followers and a low following count.

Today’s update won’t erase trolls and abusive behavior, but at the very least Twitter is hoping to reduce the noise.